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Need to overnight frozen or refrigerated freight though FedEx, or UPS? We will pick up your shipments, package and label it and deliver to UPS or FedEx for overnight deliveries. We will provide you with the tracking # once it is scanned accepted at their facility. 

Shipping Frozen & Refrigerated Foods

When people ask how to ship frozen food, they often start by wondering can you even can ship frozen food. The answer is yes you can ship frozen food to states within the US, but not internationally. This is because in order to keep items frozen during shipping you need to use dry ice, which isn’t allowed to be shipped internationally. International shipments take additional time as well, so it’s unlikely you’d be able to keep your items frozen during transit.

The Frost Shipping Process

We will pick up your refrigerated or frozen items that you need to be shipped overnight. We will keep the items in our truck/van until they are ready to be packed for overnight shipping. This ensures that the items are frozen/refrigerated until the last possible moment.

We utilize corrugated boxes lined with thermal wrap and insulated Styrofoam which creates an insulated cooler box or as we call them "Frost Boxes".

  1. First we line the bottom of the box with a combination of dry ice and gel packs. 

  2. We place the frozen/refrigerated item in the correct size box for shipping. 

  3. We add more dry ice/gel packs around the item being shipped. 

  4. We fill all the empty space with newsprint.

  5. We add more dry ice/gel packs on top of the item being shipped. 

  6. We then add a top piece of Styrofoam ensuring the cooler box is sealed properly to maximize the amount of time the item will stay frozen/refrigerated during transit. 

We seal the box and create the shipping label. We will drop off each box at UPS or Fed Ex. Once we create the shipping label we will email you the tracking # so you can notify your customer of the expected delivery day/time. 

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