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Why would I want to ship with Frost Couriers, as opposed to a mega-corporation such as FedEx or UPS?
Frost Couriers tailors its delivery solutions to their clients' needs. Need it there in 90 minutes? Done. Want to make last minute changes, even when the cargo is already en route? Easy. Want to know exactly where your cargo is at any time? We'll have the answer in minutes.

Won't shipping be more expensive using Frost Couriers?
Same day rates start at just $19.99. Compare this with UPS Express Critical Service ($200+) and FedEx Same Day ($100+).

How can I be sure my package will get there on time?
Our deliveries, once confirmed, are guaranteed to be delivered by the quoted time (inclement weather may extend normal delivery times) or we'll refund 50% or more of the cost of shipping.

Are my packages safe with Frost Couriers?
Frost Couriers has prided itself in its fail-safe procedures for ensuring the safety of our clients' cargo. In the unlikely event that your cargo is damaged or lost, Frost Couriers is fully insured for cargo loads up to $1,000,000.

Does Frost Couriers offer deliveries outside of normal business hours?
Yes, we are here 24/7 to meet your needs. Even if you require a delivery at midnight on a Saturday, it can be done. Please contact us for pricing on special requests.

What is the process for obtaining a signature if the person whose name is on the ship to attention isn't available to sign for the packages?
Look for someone in same department that is aware of the contact person and willing to sign for the product.

Do you require that the person signing for the delivery simply acknowledge the number of boxes per delivery?
Yes, but we are also willing to wait for the customer if available to check contents before signature.

What do you use to obtain signatures? Are there any electronic options available at this point?
We utilize a real time tracking system that allows customers to have access to instant proof of deliveries and to view digital signatures online. 

Does Frost Couriers have their own carts/specialized equipment to use for the delivery process?
We always use our own equipment. We are a full delivery service; it is our job to be fully equipped to get the job done right!

What is Frost Couriers dress code for delivery staff? Do you have "Frost" shirts that they wear? Does your team wear pants and closed toe shoes?
Yes always, Royal or Navy blue Frost shirts with navy blue pants or shorts in the warm months.


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